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Tools for Stripping Wire
10.07.2018 21:43

Many ask how to strip wire fast and easy. It could be anything from copper wires to other kinds of electrical wires for different uses and needs. If you have, then you should know that there are different tools that can be used to achieve this. They include wire stripping tools which grip and cut the insulation, making it easy to peel off the insulation from the metal strands beneath. They have notches that hold your wire in place and in the right way. There is also a multitude of sophisticated and stripping machines designed for bulk industrial use.

Apart from the two, you can also use other simple strippers for simpler, one-time needs. They include pliers, but with them the chances of wire damage are greatly increased. Copper wire stripping using pliers can easily cut off the wire too. It is therefore more advisable to use the right tools for stripping wire to keep such damage issues at bay.

Stripping With a Wire Stripper

You will need to find the right tool with different notches so that you can find the right size for your wire. The variety of notches means that the strippers can be used for wires with different gauges. After fitting the right notch, squeeze handles together to make a cut around the insulation before peeling it off. It should pull off with ease with a firm grip on the wire.

Stripping Without a Stripper

In cases where you do not have a Electric Wire Stripper at hand, you can use a utility knife to cut off the insulation. Scissors can also be used in place of the knife. They are not recommended tools since they can lead to personal injuries and simultaneously damage the wire, but they can still be used for simple wiring needs around your home.

Placed the wire on a hard surface and make a mark where you would like to cut the insulation. Then, score along the mark finding the right pressure amount to ensure that there are no damages to the wire. Constant pressure on wire insulation will make the process easy and you can then remove the severed parts using your finger. It can be a tedious process. A pair of pliers can be used to pull up part of the insulation before stripping the wire down.

Using Stripping Machines

The machines are designed for industrial wiring projects that call for large volumes of wire to be stripped. These wire stripping machines are designed differently, handle different wire sizes and volumes and operate differently. It is advisable to read the manuals provided by the manufacturers to make sure that you get the wire stripping process right every time. They are the best wire stripping options since they will get the insulation off with one motion. It is for this reason that they are used in bulk stripping and demanding work settings where achieving volume in the shortest time possible really matters. You will find a machine that suits your needs well.

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